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YaMeMo is the classical match-2 “memory” game, you try to find pairs of matching cards.

In addition to the classic match-2 mode (duo), YaMeMo features two unique game modes:

- in the trio mode you have to match cards by group of 3 instead of 2

- in the versus mode, you play against one of the five artificial players

For each game mode, choose the game size between 4×4 cards and 6×6 cards.

The score is based on time and the number of consecutive matches, so take risks and chain matches to earn more points !
The game is packed with several graphical themes:
  • animals
  • space invaders
  • patterns
  • jewels
More will be added in the next updates.
This memory game is ideal for kids.

Next developements

New game modes, new themes, integration of a global leaderboard.




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